Hi, I'm Lukas

Also known as Luk.Media. I’m a professional photographer, videographer, and design graduate (BA-DES) based in Melbourne, Australia. I specialise primarily in streetwear/fashion content creation, having worked with well-established brands such as NXP, The Anti-Order, Plus2 Clothing, and many more…

I’m very versatile with experience in event, product, portraiture, and 35mm film photography, as well as a broad portfolio of videography experience.

  • - Louise Gilbert -
    “Brilliant!! It’s sooo good!! Thank you!!”
    - Louise Gilbert -Director, The Intime Collective
  • - Ally Smith -
    "Oh my gosh Lukas - these are honestly so incredible!!! I’m blown away! We can’t thank you enough, for your time, editing & the number of photos you took. Means the world. Thank you SO SO much!!"
    - Ally Smith -Engagement Party
  • - Kathryn Taylor -
    "We received our video within 1 week of the wedding. We can not describe how happy we are with the content and the music and everything else about it! It brought tears to my now husband's eyes who doesn't get emotional at all! I can not recommend Lukas and his work highly enough!"
    - Kathryn Taylor -Wedding Video
  • "Wow they're amazing mate. Really great stuff 😍. Can't wait to share."
    - Plus2 Clothing -
  • "Thanks Lukas 🙌🏻 these are great."
    - NXP -